Monday, March 1, 2010

Glenferrie Road wandering...

Well my day off today has not been too crafty, but it has been one of discoveries. I went for a stroll down Glenferrie Road with my sister Sue and took in the sunshine and loveliness of it all. What did I discover?

One of the classics, Nordliving where I ordered a Finnish sticker for the car.

Some granny square prink leggings from Romance Was Born - think this dress by in stretchy pants.
Too much curry at Tandoori Express.

The second Tea Cozie book, following a request from Sue for a tea cozie. Who wouldn't want and I heart T cozie?
Plus scoring a generous offering of free clothes from the lovely sis. She is too kind.

After this great day, I'm keen to sew and craft and create. All I want to do is make some Scandi inspired things, contemplate an adorable stars and moon mobile that could be made, get out the needles and whip up that cozie, and perfect the granny square. Oh, drats... back to work tomorrow.

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