Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crafting reflected

While I am a creative person, I tend only to craft when I get an itch. It is perhaps not a part of my daily life simply just because. Well, maybe it is. But I don't feel as though I've always got a creative and inspirational idea. Or that I'm just whipping something up as a last minute giftie which will be just so perfect. Or that I'm planning the next home make over. Or that I can tailor the perfect shirt/skirt/bag. Does this make sense? Perhaps I'm a crafter who loves crafting but it takes a little effort.

Yep, think that's right. Like when I got into art school. I could have done it and would have loved it. But I reflected on the thought that there are so many people out there who love painting, who paint daily, who sacrifice comforts and nice things in life in order to paint. Was I one of those? Did I have the passion. Nope. So why take up a place that others will be devastated to miss out on? Sure, I still enjoyed painting but I'm not a naturally 100% painting person.

Given this is the case, how to I imbue more crafting into my life? Cause I do craft and create. I am a creative being, really I am. I just create in different ways. Like loving my herbs and watering them daily. Like making scrumptious bickies for my fella. Like knitting a tea cozie. How do I do this more though, how to I inspire myself to unpack the sewing room, to set up the machine? How do I scratch that itch. And it's driving me crazy...

By taking time out for the little things, that's how. By spending thirty minutes to decorate a giftie with a little something extra. I need to do this more often. Hurrah for hearts. Hurrah for wool. Hurrah for old ikea fabric. Hurrah for Matt and Fi's engagement party, and their upcoming wedding.

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  1. this is the best 'dressed' engagement present i have ever seen. ever imagined even! wow! love it