Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lemon delights...

With the amazing weather in Victoria recently, I think my lemon tree has grown overnight! Hurrah! I was quite apprehensive about buy the tree. After all, the poor thing would have to live in a pot and be exposed to endless exhaust fumes from a busy road. I also worried about the amount of sunlight it would receive, and whether its owners would be consistent in giving it some regular water and fertiliser. But oh, how I love lemons. Lemon butter, lemon slice, lemon cake, chicken and lemon, lemon in guacamole, in a white lady (that refreshingly sour cocktail), roasted with root veggies... Oh, I could go on.
No fruit so far, but new shoots which make me smile. Yep, those little redish brown shoots are new growth! They are my lemon tree getting bigger. I'm thrilled, and very surprised that it has not died. Any tips around growing successful lemons would be much appreciated.
A little tree dweller.
By the by, how sweet are these little biscuits? Ikea had some gems of cookie cutters, and who could resist a squirrel biscuit with a cup of tea? Or fantastic Mr Fox even? Perhaps iced in vibrant orange with a chocolate sprinkle tail...

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