Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cozies completed...

Knitting is winding up. Getting a little sick of the tea cozie. More just needing new projects. So I've been cooking and enacting my domestic goddess skills - sour dough bread, olives soaking in brine, hot cross buns. And planting in pots on the balcony - sweet peas, lovely tasty peas and some spring onions. It has been really thrilling to see the shoots pop up a week after the seeds were sown. I find it so encouraging and a little touch of a miracle to see the plants growing. Give it a few weeks and we will be eating freshly grown spring onion tops - a.k.a garlic chives. Then a few months more and we will have peas! What amazing things can be grown in a pot with regular watering and a little sun shine.

Here is the final lot of current cozies... But perhaps I still have two more to make. One for the sister-in-law's birthday, the other for maybe a birthday for a particular bloke. And there is a sweet pattern of a mushroom covered cozie. I'd love one of those for me!

Maybe these finished projects will encourage me, and you too.

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