Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday, lightboxes and community-based craft...

Wondering what to get a Friday morning started with. Maybe some mellow guitar based lyricing. Mixed with craft if you will. The lightbox background of this clip is very sweet, with owls perching and flying fish. The transparency layering is very effective and makes for an interesting clip. Enjoy.

By the by, walking through the streets of in-Melbs and I've discovered a craft encouragement shop! Yep, it wants people to craft. Don't think it is about selling craft, or selling products. Rather about selling a love of craft to the community. I had a sticky beak in the window - a couch strewn with crafting off-casts, bunting, home made softies. It looked delicious. At the desk was a lady who looked like she had been crafting for many a year. Oh, why didn't I go in? Want to go on a craft excursion with me?

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