Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maybe Martha...

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Is it just me, or do you have a secret desire to be in the audience of Martha Stewart? She is on telly around 4 p.m. ish. I've not figured out the exact time so I'm pleasantly surprised every time I find it on. Today she was featuring rescued dogs, who long to be loved outside of the RSPCA version that they have in America. Yesterday (on St Patrick's day) she featured valentine's Day. With super candy brownies and pop up kissing Valentine cards. Very sweet. Martha does not seem to get all that excited though. She is a little dry. But boy the show is crafty and creative. Cooking, craft, pets - delicious! Maybe one day I'll be on holiday in the US and get tickets to her show....


  1. Lol yes! It is always a happy surprise to catch Martha on tv! I love watching her show- and she gives away craft goodies!
    I tried watching an episode on her website but it just wasn't the same unfortunately. AND! they sell her products at spotlight! they are a gajillion dollars but it was fun to see them in real life!
    hehe I am happy someone else likes her!

  2. She does always give away goodness, except for the other day when she gave away a years worth of dog food! I was wondering what to do with it if I was visiting from Australia. Think of all the luggage space it would take up...