Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tea if you please...

I'm on a bit of a tea cozie roll at the moment. First there was the delicious sea horse cozie. Then I started that bubbly purple and turquoise one and became frustrated with it - it remains on the needles in a vain hope of one day being completed. Then my girlfriend Con requested a sheep or tea cup embossed cozie. Now it is one for sis Sue, as mentioned. That one is done, but I used a thin acrylic for the main fabric. It was simply a matter of itching to start and using what was on hand. So my solution is to make a lining. Thicken up the fabric, increase the heat-retention properties, double up on coziness. Hurrah!

But Connie's is done, and I thought I could brag. It is the most intense cozie I have ever seen. The pattern was even more over the top. Knitted with two strands of wool, with a lining also made from double strands. Despite recommendations to do so, I chose to forgo adding stuffing between the layers. I also left off the white rose from the top of the cozie. Now all I need to do is package it up and give it with lots of love to Con. Then sit back and sip some tea if you please.
The extra layer - secret cozie lining (makes a stellar beanie).

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