Friday, November 6, 2009

Sick days and skirts

A few weeks ago I called in sick to work, and immediately felt better. I must have needed a mental health day! I worked and cleaned all morning, baked a few goodies such as a chocolate-vodka fruit cake, and then sat in front of the sewing machine. I stitched a few cows... I really should put those picies up... and then needed a change.

Some fabric I've previously contemplated caught my eye. Should I risk it and make a skirt? My garment sewing adventures usually result in disappointment. I'm not careful enough. I don't follow instructions. My instincts kick in, and they are not honed when it comes to clothes. So I copied a simple skirt bought from Cotton On, and got cutting.

Inspiration skirt
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I am happy with the result, although I made it for a slightly more chubby me. The waste band needs taking in by around five centimetres. Otherwise I'm really pleased with myself for making something that I actually wear and enjoy. Usually I feel too embarrassed to give my hand-made clothes to the op shop.

Hand made skirt
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And when wearing this skirt, I've found these hand created earings work a treat. They are sweet, dangily and very tactile. The resin pink beads are so smooth to touch...

Earings to wear with a green skirt
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  1. that's awesome! I love the fresh greeny yellow colour. Our cousin Kati is very good at making another of something she's bought. She makes a pattern from old sheets which I thought was clever/
    So glad your pres arrived in a timely fashion- Aiti got the cocktail one and I went into Brunswick Bound looking for some kind of drawing book for you but came away with a cook book lol.
    and...!!! check me out on my solo blog! :P