Sunday, November 29, 2009

My collection, better late than never

Life (well time anyway) seems to be slipping away from me. There is too much to do. In just over two weeks I will be moving from one side of Aus to the other. And I have to finish work, communicate with the removalists, plan where we will be staying along the way after we devise a route to take, buy Christmas goodies as we will be arriving on Christmas eve, orientate a new worker to my job, clean the mess we live in, encourage the cat that he will be okay on an aeroplane, apply for any job in Melbs that seams okay, etc!

So much to do, not enough time.

So the Meet Me At Mikes meme just got away before I knew it. I've not posted for the past couple of weeks, I've not trawled through the creative posts others have put up. Oh, so sad.
The theme of the past week was around collections, with this lady asking the question "What do you collect?". I collect junk, shoes, recipe books, board games, metal cigarette cases, dust. But most consistently I collect birds in the form of Christmas decorations. My ultimate plan is to one day have a tree just full of birds. And to tell you the truth, I sometimes put them up when it is the middle of the year. They are too lovely really to have hidden away. The bird thing started after the demise of my real bird, Hairy the Canary. He was a lovely little fellow, who died after dehydrating in the typically unseasonably hot Melbourne weather that sometimes hits. The gold papermache bird was purchased in memory of him. And the collecting took off from there.
Want to make me happy? Buy me a bird ornament thanks. What do you collect?

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  1. I love your birdy collection and definitely agree it is too pretty to come out but once a year. Good luck with the move.