Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog HQ contemplated...

Bit behind with the blogging this week. My bestie Ris and her fella Dave came up for a tropical adventure. So I powered through five days without spending time in front of the computer. It was wonderful.

By the by, isn't the Territory spectacular! Who wouldn't want to swim in this waterhole?
Who wouldn't sip bubbly while lounging next to this shore line and fading sky?

Who wouldn't giggle when confronted with such a silly croc?

But back to the blogging. MMAM's meme this week is the theme of Blogging HQ thanks to a creative type called Ninon. If I can get my hands on it, I prefer to use the lappie for my blogging. I love sitting on this arm chair with the retro snail cushion protecting my knees from the comp's radiation.

But if needed, I will work in the study. Hurrah for the corkboard, and for all those who drank wine to donate to the corkboard making cause. Corks are hard to find nowdays, and this was made around 6 years ago before stelvin tops were made mainstream.
Just before blogging this, I completed an inventory of the items we want moved down south in less that 45 days. So my blog-constructing space will change... and a change is meant to be as good as a holiday. But a move is one of the most stressful things one can do in life. So my solution is to get into the crafting with a passion. Posts about creativity will follow, I promise. I'm also wanting to do things to spoil myself and relieve the tension that is building up in my thoughts. Like get my hair cut this weekend, spend some time shoe shopping, riding my pushie to work, reading my newest cook books (thanks so much Miss Maudry!).


  1. that waterhole is SPECTACULAR as is the setting sun in the second pic! you're heading south, where to?..i'm way down south in Gippsland Vic so let me know if your moving down my way :) We're building & will be doing a HUGE move in three months time & i just don't want to think about it..i've got tonnes of stuff..true! btw i'm loving your big club lounge & that adorable cushion is too cute..thanks ssoo much for sharing; i wonder what the next meme theme will be??

  2. what an amazing chair and snail pillow combo! love the colours. i'm also loving the corkboard. . .