Thursday, November 5, 2009

Raceday get up

I'm not one for the horses. I don't like getting to much sun. I am somehow too sensible to gamble. I don't enjoy drinking too much champagne. But I do like hats. And head wear in general. I also like dresses. And boys looking dapper. And nice high heals. And a filly. And the luciousness of racing silks. Maybe I should like the races. What about you?

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Since leaving Melbs two years ago, I have found that I've done more on Melbourne Cup Day than when I lived there. People take the afternoon off work to have lunch and watch the race. Sweaps abound. Hats are sold out. And I made a facinator. My facinator is simple, in that I just sewed stuff on that I bought from Spotlight. But it is fussy, with feathers, velvetine leaves, lacy trims, bits and bobs. The green is very me, and the brown adds depth and anchors it into my hair well making the green bits glow. Will I ever wear it in Melbourne? Probably not.

Facinator details 2
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Facinator details 1
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