Monday, August 24, 2009

Fabric samples and what to do with them

An early birthday gift came my way yesterday - only two months early. It was a beautiful 50cm piece of olive green owl fabric. Thanks Mum! So, what to do with it? Well, first I held it tight and ahhhhhhhed a little. Then a studied the cute little faces of the differing owls. Then I flicked through a few books and pondered making a bag. Then I stacked it up with another length of new fabric with a similar colour scheme. Then I ahhhhhhhhed a little more. Cushions perhaps? An apron trim. Pockets on a denim skirt. An owl even. What to do, what to do?

And the floral fabric? I'm in love with it. It was the inspiration for the pinwheel quilt I started in my dreaded patchwork class. I simply adore the addition of coral flowers and soft lilac on the green. Really, this metre of fabric should go into a quilt, but I can see a skirt forming. Oh, the tugs on my creative heart...

Today I plan to contemplate these important things a little more, while pouring over the new Frankie if it is out. My subscription has expired, and with current subscriptions of MixTape and Peppermint, I'm not sure I should be subscribing to anything new. Plus I'm keen on regularly reading InsideOut and Real Living at the moment. But as it is my last day of no-work-due-to-sore-knee, perhaps I'll splurge. buy sushi and read new magazines. Sounds like a nice afternoon, perhaps I'll do it snuggling under this old quilt?

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