Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome in...

I saw the topic of Pip's meme just after it was posted on Saturday. But the week is getting away with me and I've not put anything up. Ops!

So here is my place, but only for the next four weeks as we are moving down south again. Hurrah! People keep telling me I will love the cold weather, wearing coats, drinking good and reasonably priced coffee, being able to buy shoes galore... Are they right? Probably. What I'm looking forward to is living near a beach that you can swim in without risking your life from three different kinds of dangerous animals. I'm looking forward to having a few bookstores! I'm looking forward to re-discovering some lane ways. I'm looking forward to having op shops that have things that are more than 30 years old in them.

But as for now, welcome to my place. I live on the fifth floor of an apartment building. The thing that I detest most about apartments is the area between the lift/stairs and your front door. They are so sterile and devoid of character. They are communal spaces, I know, but that doesn't mean they have to be ugly. Ours sure is though.

When you walk in the front door, you hit a wall. But then the kitchen opens up, and the open living area. As usual when I took these photos we were in a mess. There is panadol in the fruit bowl after all! But there are mangoes there too. This painting was done by me when I was in year 12. It was one of my major pieces and an image I love. I took some photos of a class mate, then painted her outline in a luscious salmon. Strangely this girl is now living in Darwin (we went to a ritzy-ditzy private girls school in Melbs) and selling hats made out of trucking canvases. I would have never have imagined this happening, ever.

When I come home, I generally kick of my shoes, turn up the fans and just be. I am a home body and love being with the fella, amongst our stuff and our cat. I like that home is messy but familiar. I love that it has character from our things and not only contains necessities but things I love too. I love that it is not just utilitarian (like my workplace), but comfortable and pleasurable. How I love coming home at the end of the day!

So thanks for looking through my place, or coming in the front door at least. Above is a sneak peak back through the door, perfect for seeing if the neighbours are around or if it is all clear to do an undie run to the rubbish chute!


  1. You must be so excited by the move! Best of luck with it all.
    I love that you love to come home. To everything and everyone that's there. I hope to have that myself one day.....
    Would also love one of those gorgeous mixers I see peeking out there! ;o))