Friday, November 13, 2009

Beautiful things to drool over...

All images from NoteMaker, all products from the O-Check brand.

A while ago I discovered NoteMaker, a stationary supplied based in Melbs. They have an online shop, and also sell wholesale to stationers. They sell quality and quirk. They source well known European brands as well as those coming along in Asia. For some reason, Korea seems to be a good source of note paper, printed sticky tape, interesting cards and bits and bobs. This seems strange to me somehow...

One particular brand I've enjoyed is O-Check. NoteMaker have a great selection of their stuff, as do MagNation (how I love that store!). I tried to find a website, so check this out. But you need to be a wholesaler and purchase in bulk. Plus they are in Korea. So I will stick with ordering through NoteMaker, who have free postage if you spend a bit (great for Chrisie), deliver in only a few days, and my most recent purchase from them came in a sweetly printed calico drawstring bag.

also has a blog, for all things paper related. I was interested to learn more about the 100% recycled notebook options, and am looking into a diary for 2010 with a similar production philosophy. And then I'm thinking of making my diary a grey wool cover, with a little pocket for some business cards, a slip for a pen, and a red elastic fastener. Sounds cosy!

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