Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend creating...

water quilt
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This weekend has been busy and inspirational. Waking up this morning I could smell the neighbour's toast, and it made me think that Sundays give you time to stop and make good breakfast, dwell over a pot of tea, read through a mountain of blogs/newspaper/new novels and get some crafting done. How I love these mornings! How I love this image that flickr came up with - the colours are so iridescent, the morning looks chilly. It reminds me of Melbourne mornings, and is a lifetime away from Darwin experiences.

I went along to a patchwork class yesterday. Both good and gumpshee things came from it. I had never participated in a class before, and was given the barest of instructions when I signed up. Consequently I arrived without an idea of what I wanted to make, without fabric and without the essential - my sewing machine. To an experienced craft-class participator, this may seem incredible! But I really didn't have a clue... So home I went to get some belongings. None the less, I ended up purchasing fabric to make what will now be a quilt. I was hoping to commence a new project, but certainly didn't expect it to be an olive, avocado and luscious pink pinwheel quilt. Pictures will follow when the fella returns the camera. I was encouraged though by the other quilters, particularly around my colour choice. There is now some question as to the boarders - to be bright pink or not... Anyway Dragonfly Fabics is the only patchwork shop in town and they have a good range of supplies. Certainly more tempting fabric than Spotlight does. The women who run the shop are experienced and more than willing to give advice. Check them out here.

So some bread is outside proving, I'm gulping down that pot of tea and just re-threaded a bobbin. I've got sewing to do, clothes to wash, a kitchen that could benefit from some elbow grease. How I love Sundays!

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