Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crafting and reading - getting a balance

What I'm creating:
Back of a baby's jumper - front done, back and sleeves to go;
Udderly lovely cow from the Meet Me At Mikes book - one finished, another half cut out, more fabric purchased to make a few more (so many babies out there and no camera to take pics of the finished products);
Two quilt tops finished - can I be bothered quilting them?
Pincushion for my quilting pins - appliqued a brown bird onto some bright blue felt, perfect for stabbing and grabbing.
What I'm reading:
Wren handmade - linked from the design sponge blog, and will be crafting some DIY daily this week!
Spool sewing - can't believe I've not read their blog before, I'm so in love.
Udder handmade friends - the lady who designed the cute cow.
Recovery in mental health - a new work textbook that arrived today.
Overall I'm inspired to create and to change the world around me. I love reading what others are doing and am attempting to get the balance between wanting to create and needing to work. How I do love what I do though... hence being sucked in to the work text today.

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