Friday, July 3, 2009

Saturday business

Today was a to-do day: clean the car parking space, go to the tip, have sushi for lunch with a friend, finished off some swaps, get enough sleep, wash the clothes, pack the dishwasher of hand wash the dirty dishes...

Some of these things go done. I went to the tip and discovered the tip shop. So exciting. I've been checking out the many before and after shots on the design sponge website, and felt so inspired to salvage something and repurpose it. Alas, not today. We currently don't have the space to work on big projects, and I just couldn't choose what to rescue. There was an appealing telescope that tempted me. As did some bronze light fittings. I found what could have been a perfect sewing chair, and a sewing/craft storage system. There were too many possibilities... The most exciting thing though was the free plant I picked up from the item disposal bins. In saying that it was free, I then went to the hardware store and spent almost $50 on a perfect pot and premium potting mix. Perhaps it was a more costly outing than I anticipated! At least the plant was free.

Today the weather is perfect in Darwin. I was perusing my photos, attempting to create space on the lappie and found this beautiful image. It would be perfect in Darwin - if only you could swim in the ocean. Oh well, Melbourne boatsheds and Darwin dreaming...

Happy weekend

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