Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Broome beachside reading... If only...

Sitting at work, wishing I was in Broome reading on Cable Beach!

I took this photo of my fella when we recently went on holiday to W.A. The nightly sunsets over the ocean were my absolute favourite part of what was a challenging trip. Can't you just smell the salty water and feel the sandy grit between the pages in your book?

Things are getting me down around here at the moment. I've got some challenges with work, am really missing my fella (who is away for an extended period), can't seem to get enough sleep, and don't have the time to craft. I'm longing for a holiday and some rest for my weary brain and body. So posting this photo gives me hope - beautiful places exist, there is always time to watch the sunset, holidays are precious, I will get rest again!

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