Friday, May 7, 2010

A change is as good as... a crafternoon.

A floral twist crochetted up for the S&C Fair - I needed to practice my trebbles and double crochets!

There has been a lot happening at our place. Most significantly, I've quit my job and am now on a week's holiday before starting the new one. I work as an occupational therapist, and simply love my profession. I love how practical it is. I love how creative it is. The philosophy of OT fits with my value system and beliefs as well. It is about enabling people with skills to get on with what they want to so. It recognises that spirituality is core in who people are and how they function. It recognises what makes people strong and encourages them to build resilience around this.

So when we moved back to Melbs, I had work which was great. But after only a few weeks I realised it wasn't for me. It may have been only a few days after starting that I figured this out. It wasn't a bad job, it just didn't fit with what I love about being an OT. What to do? I had a contract for 12 months, so there certainly was no sense of obligation from my employer. But should I leave after so short a period? And what about the important thing, like the fact the pay was the best I will get for a long time in this job that I didn't like. It was hard to way up the short-term gains, like money and security and familiarity, with what I wanted to long term.

So I was brave, applied for a few things and offers of interviews came flooding in. But the job I took was just the one I was after. I get to work with people who experience enduring mental health issues. I get to work with them around establishing goals for recovery and getting on with life. Can't wait! My last day of the old job was on Thursday, so I've got a week off to rest, clean the house, go on adventures and craft.

Speaking of craft, the Stitches and Craft Fair has been on since Wednesday in Melbourne town. Come along and participate in a craft bar. You can learn how to knit, or stitch, or refashion clothing. What fun!

Other thing have been happening too. Lots of pasta eating, MasterChef watching, netball playing. What fun times...

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