Friday, April 30, 2010

Lovely things considered on a Saturday morning...

A bird on a bicycle, how lovely, how Melbourne (a gift to myself to celebrate being back in town).
Lovely things to cherish:

the fella learning to knit
the cat running away from the vaccuum cleaner
coffee on a Saturday morning
birds, beach finds and blog give-a-ways (thanks Sara)
bags of oranges from the markets, waiting to be turned into jam
lily season
a clean house
knitting until you have finished a project
watching Masterchef when you are too sick to go to work
Spanish chocolate with a hint of cinnamon
Douglas and Hope's Melbourne canvas tote
watching Rage and Video Hits until they end
baking bread, with dried fruit and spices

What lovely things do you cherish?
Oriental lilies in abundance at the markets, I couldn't resist taking some home.

A beautiful bird, a warrior found at St Kilda beach and a print from In the Light of the Sun.

The fella's efforts at knitting - he is getting there!

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