Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mums and Mother's Day

Us girls and mum. Sorry sisters for the terrible photo! It was the only one I could find with all of us.

Mums. Don't you love them?

I sure do. So as a late tipping of my hat to Mother's Day, I want to say hi mum. You are a star!

My mum inspired me with a love of craft.
She has encouraged me to be patient and follow the instructions. Not that I do this, but I know it will work if I only did.
She has always endeavoured to give handmade gifts at Christmas, although sometimes we got them at Easter instead when they were finished.
She has brought up five kids, and we have turned out okay.
She used to bake biscuits for when we got home from school.
She put up with pets, although she could not stand them.
She is compassionate and generous with her time.
She will do the jobs I don't like - such as washing my wedding dress or winding wool into balls.
She is lovely! I do believe she is.

Hurrah for mums!
And grandmothers!
And important women in our lives.


  1. This is lovely about your mum. I love my mum for similar reasons. She was so patient with me, teaching me craft too. I think ill have to 'follow' you too.
    I like the way you write girl!

  2. Great post Naomi. Your mum sure sounds special.