Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cozies completed yet again...

Start of a week off work - well half way through now. Loving the break between one job and the next. Loving having time to sleep in. To meet up with people for coffee. To get some odd jobs done. To have a late lunch down the street with the fella. To watch MasterChef re-runs until my eyes water and my mouth is locked open in disbelief and greed around what has just been created. To take time for the small things, like watering my plants and enjoying the cat's company. To finish off projects before starting something new - I bought some great items from the S&C Fair.

So for some show and tell, a little bragging if you don't mind. I have finished my first cozie from Loani Prior's Really Wild Tea Cozies. It's the floral one, that is a little out of control on the top. This was conceptually a challenge, as knitting it involved using two sets of circular needles which revolved around the work as it grew. Once I had mastered this, things turned out okay and I was able to be quite quick with my building of the cozie's body. The cozie is self-lined also, and consequently really snug.

The second cozie is a simply completed giftie for my sister-in-law. A few years ago I bought her a lilac teapot. For her birthday this year, why not dress the cozie and add a few quality packets of tea for good measure? I hope she is a tea drinker... Otherwise, oh well. Although I've chosen terribly similarly toned wool for this project, I love the effect of the snowflake on the background. The pattern is soft and makes me pretend I'm at a ski lodge. I've knitted up a contrasting cozie of the same pattern, with green background and brown snowflakes. It is striking and very Scandinavian.

And lastly, some chocolate chip biscuits for afternoon tea. Hastily consumed by the fella while he whipped me at a game of Seafarers of Catan. Drats!

A sweet little cozie knitted up by my nana.

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