Friday, October 9, 2009

Friends and fun-times

We took yesterday off to spend time with friends from down South. It was a wonderful day, full of laughts, fun and silliness. We went and saw the spectacular jumping crocs on the Adelaide River, we swam at Florence Falls and dipped in the Buley Rockholes. Laksa for tea and a game of Risk topped it off. Hurrah! We really do live in an amazing part of Australia!

This morning coffee, conversation around copyright law relating to internet technology and some good video hits have hit things off. A taste the morning if you please....

Pst... I've finally figured out how to post YouTube vids. So stoked! Thanks to this blog post for making it happen, and to the Blog Doc for some tips too. In light of my success, any good YouTube vids that you recommend I peruse?

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