Saturday, October 24, 2009

By the bed "My place and yours"

Week 2 of the "My Place and Yours" meme from Meet Me at Mikes. This week I was taken aback to realise how much extra stuff I deposit next to my bed. And how I don't remove it once it is there. For example, I've got some panadine forte there, from a knee operation that I have over two months ago. And I didn't need the pain killers after it anyway. Plus there are some hair bands there, and I now have short hair... I think I need to clean up a little.
What I love about my bedside is more clear in the picie at the top. I just love my lamp, with it's "glass" base. I love the earring holder that is on the wall. My fella originally made it for me, constructing a standing frame taunt with mesh. But in time it's little legs got wobbly. So I was given a frame from Ris, added some pink silk behind the mesh and embellished it with a patch and fancy stitching. Now days I don't tend to wear dangling earrings, but love the tactile nature of such a precious creation.
Back to the mess, it contains some necessities. Such as the alarm clock, red nail polish (living in the tropics means year-round nice toes if you please), pearl studs, papaya all-purpose balm and a chunky bangle. And all within arm's reach.

By the bed details.
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By the by, the book I'm reading is intense and amazing. Please check it out if you are feeling strong in your spirit and wanting a haunting, moving, enticing read. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.


  1. Yes. One should always have a bangle within reach! And red nailpolish.. well... I am BAD with nails, so I could learn a lesson from you there, Ms Owly! Merci for playing along! xx

  2. love your lamp base & i'm really interested in checking out that book, it's time i got into something other than craft books!