Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogging games, I'm joining in...

Hurrah, discovered blog-link funtimes care of Meet Me At Mikes.

I've not played these sorts of games before, and those involved seem like the nice sharing kind. But alas, we still don't have a great functioning camera. One has been interstate for about 6 weeks now being repaired. The other went in yesterday to a fantastically bespoke little store. We climbed up a flight of stairs in an undusted narrow passage. A carved red door was on the right, and behind it was a camera repair lady! She had shelf after shelf of SLR lenses. She had little buckets with caps and bolts and bits and pieces. She said she will tell us in a week if the camera can be repaired.

Back to the theme, my shelves are not as fun as the camera lady's. But here is a camera phone photo of my treasured things that are grouped together on a shelf.
My clever mum cross-stitched the eggplants for me. My darling sisters bought me the pink tea-pot (on the left) and cups. They discovered it in the Oxfam shop in Camberwell. So nice of them, and it was a great birthday gifty five (five!) years ago. The pink thermos gathers preposterous amounts of mould on it's cloth-covered cork stopper, but is perfect for transporting warm honeyed chai tea in. The little tea cup and saucer tucked behind is a treasured op shop find, one that made me wonder why someone felt the need to give it away. Lots of lovely things. Lots of pink, lots of love and lots of little details. Loveliness, on a shelf.

I hope I remember to participate next week...


  1. That is the loveliest and most co-ordinated shelf I have ever seen!! So pretty! If that was MY shelf I would have tried to pile 26 more things in there and it would not look half as cute as yours! Thank you for playing along! x

  2. I totally adore your shelf.Especially the teapots and the Eggplant cross stitch picture.

  3. pinky loveliness alright..i'm lovin the teapot on the left with the matching cups.