Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scandinavian dreaming...

I was blog browsing the other day and found a delicious post or two from Wren Handmade. She had recently been to Denmark and Sweden and recalled tales of coffee, bicycles, pastel painted buildings, freezing swimming holes... It sounded divine. It also made me long for a Scandi adventure of my own. It also had me searching for my photos of a Finland adventure of a few years ago... Where are they on this computer?

My mother in law returned from Finland recently. She lived there until she met her Aussie husband while working on the Thai-Cambodian boarder. It is a true story of love and God bringing people together in his most perfect way. Anyhow, so there is a precious bit of Finland in my fella and thus by default in me too! Back to the mother in law. She spent some time in her home town in central Finland, looking after our ancient grandmother. She had saunas, ate sausages, danced under the midnight sun and made day-trips to Sweden. She also brought me back the most beautiful piece of Kalevala jewelry. Isn't it the sweetest? It is a piece of ancient design, inspired by fertility symbols of the Laps of 1000 AD. How I love it.

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