Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How did I survive without....

So, he did it again. Left me alone without technology that is. Yet again the fella is away and this time he took the laptop. Only being able to check email at work was infuriating! Plus I've got so much work to do I felt too guilty to blog-surf.

But I braved the maniacal German florist-cum-computer repair lady (surely this is a terrible combination and we should have never gone to this shop in the first place as she uses fake flowers). She had taken our desktop hostage and refused to cooperate. We were going to call the dodgy computer repair ombudsman. They must exists, surely....... But lack of technology, a malfunctioning DVD player and looming knee surgery compelled me to fork out the exorbitant amount of cash require to redeem the computer. I must say I do feel more gleeful than this girl.

She is from a cute little group of articles I found all around the theme of tips for nerdy girls. They are as follows:

How to look less nerdy in glasses

How to make a room look nerdy

How to be smart without being nerdy

How to like nerdy things without being a nerd.

For some reason I get the sense that some people have a problem with being nerdy. Not me, not that I'm that nerdy. I don't wear glasses, I didn't study chemistry at school or uni, I don't know pi to any decimal places, and I've only just gotten in to hyperlinks. My fella though is nerdy. He will even wear his sunglasses over his glasses when driving. Love him!

Crafting: a few cows for the herd, working on the final sleve of a jumper, contimplating some embroidery.

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