Sunday, August 23, 2009

If only every Monday started like this...

I've got a few days off work due to having a knee investigation last week. Mum has come up from down south to look after me too. So today we spent the morning crafting quilts, drinking tea and flicking through old cooking magazines. It was wonderful.

Mum is finishing off the top of a quilt for my nephew the J-Man. He is eight months old, and the son of a die-hard trucking father. The quilt has trains and cars and planes on it. I can imagine my brother making engine noises to the J-Man while rocking him to sleep.

My project is the old-world star quilt. The quilting is 95% complete. I just have to get it done. I also have two quilt tops waiting for their turn.

And after all the magazine flicking, there is so much I want to cook. Chicken with rice vermicelli salad, baked olives, meringue ice cream, lamb with roast eggplant salad, cream cake, orange and poppy seed cake, chocolate and pistachio whirley-gig buns, pumpkin and prosciutto cannelloni...

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