Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday mornings

Darwin sunrise, originally uploaded by the_bashful_owl.

Woke up far too late to see this today, but isn't the sunrise amazing? We live on the fifth floor and have beautiful views of the harbour rather than the ocean. I don't mind at all... and will surely miss such spectacular natural eye candy when we move...

As for today, I spent hours in bed reading my newest patchwork book. I can't wait to start sewing today. Currently two oranges are on the boil, to make a cake for church tonight. I made an orange, almond and chocolate cake for a friend's renovation party last night. Boy did the compliments flow. So with a boosted baking ego, I'm keen to make another. No almond meal left though, so this will be a combination of two recipes. Will be so tasty, with the recipe to follow once success has been had.

Happy Sunday.

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