Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back in the real world

Why no blogs?

1. Smashed camera - trying to photograph the last storm for the season and camera fell off the tripod. I was so devastated... missed the incredible lightening and couldn't take picies for a while. We've got a cheapo replacement, trying to find the receipt to have the good camera fixed.

2. Holiday went wrong. Car broke down in the beautiful but isolated Kimberly region of Western Australia. No technology, no food, no insect repellent. Challenging times all round.

So, currently needing to create some postcards with ice cream recipes for a over-due swap. Also need to make a birthday giftie for my lovely sis Rach (thinking a project from this book). Also slowly working on hand-quilting a long-term project, and inspired by this beautiful tin...

Happy days.

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