Friday, June 26, 2009

Crafting during the week...

One of my greatest frustrations is that I work five days per week and thus squeeze creating into nights and weekends. But there are other things that have to be done then - washing, dishes, husband (not begrudging this), sleep, life in general. I'm particularly struck by these limitations on my time when I become inspired by something new...

Such as this book. I went to our local (and only) patchwork shop yesterday to buy some lemon-inspired fabric for a swap. I did find the most lovely, fresh fabric - a light tangy yellow with green and blue overlapping circles. It's made me keen on a yellow quilt. I will get a fat quarter of lemonish fabric back from someone in this swap, and will hopefully use it as the base for something lovely. But back to the book. I have the first one in the series, and love it. I've purchased and cut and made around half of a quilt top from it. But this next book sucked me in - rich colours, sumptuous fabrics, appealing photography, Australian authors, beautiful quilts. So tempted to cut and sew and quilt - so why do I have to work?

Finished Rachie's cat. Not sure if he is a cat, think perhaps he is an alien. I've not given him a tail though, which probably blurs the cat boundaries... What do you think?

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