Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend wonderland

It has been a simply lovely weekend!

The week that has just past had its moments - both my fella and I went to funerals, some of my clients at work were quite sick. I felt that I was not getting enough sleep. We also had a house inspection so there was mad cleaning to be done. All we have to do is clean the fans though, so we passed the inspection with flying colours. But all told, there was too much going on in the week for me to take time to smell the roses (and coffee and freshly baked cakes...).

So for the weekend, we took it easy. Friends from down south came to visit. They are in a band, and had two gigs in Darwin. It has been a while since I've done anything out on the town, and seeing friends play some energetic live shows was great. It was also a joy to hang out and encourage each other. Plus, lots of swimming in the pool - there is nothing like a dip at 1 a.m. Check out what they are doing here They too have a thing for owls, much to my delight. My plan is to craft them a stuffie to arrive in owlie post this week.

I also enjoyed the local Saturday morning markets - a local busking, lots of organic bananas, hot laksa, tropical flowers such as these. My favourite snack would have to be a veggie samosa, thin pastry, hot potato and curry powder filling, a little bit of grease. Washed down with a fresh juice, perhaps mango, lime and honey. At this time of year, there are three local markets over two days. The famous local markets will start again in the next two weeks as the dry season hits. There is little better than sitting on Mindil beach eating a steamy dinner with friends as the sun sets over the ocean. Wow, Darwin is amazing!

Now it's off to church. Then SYTYCD and some sewing. I've found a great blog which has tips for fabric Easter eggs. This will be my project for tonight while cheering for some amazing dancers. The plan I have is to send off boxes of these eggs as substitutes for chocolate this week. It is perhaps a little too ambitious, but you never know.

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