Friday, March 13, 2009

Owlie, owlie, owlie, owl

Lots of sewing, lots of owls. I've just finished the third owl stuffie and am becoming more confident in my stuffie abilities. I love the character that their faces have, and that a very different owl can result from a combination of fabric prints and colours. Two of them are headed overseas. Another will find it's home in the Parkes's place (as mentioned previously). I'm contemplating making a few more, perhaps a gifties for siblings. I have a sister or two who may appreciate an owl for a stuffie.

What is it about owls that is so appealing? That they tend to be reclusive and evasive? That they command power and respect? They they feature in Harry Potter? Owls are generally loved by many craftsters and artists. They appear on many prints and fabric items. I have the most loveliest teeshirt with a wise owl on it, and I wear it with pride.

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