Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's a crafty kind of week...

It's been such a fun, exciting crafting week! I have been exceptionally frustrated with being at work though, itching to come home and create. A number of things have excited my craftiness.

Monday saw me digging in to the fabric Easter eggs I mentioned. The scrap box was foraged though, and some hidden scrappy gems were discovered. They were ironed, traced and cut before being sewing into frumpy, lumpy eggs. I was so disappointed! They looked nothing like the eggs I had found on retro-mama's blog. Where there should have been a gently sloping side, I had a rounded edge. My eggs needed to diet. I abandoned them until Friday... By this stage they had been sitting in our lounge, next to the ipod and growing in character. As a collection the three lumpy eggs I'd made looked quite good. So all that is left is to stuff a few more eggs and send them off to Melbs as Easter gifties. They will be late, but they should bring Easter crafty joy to their recipients.

Tuesday was a revelation! I found some good buys at Spotlight! In Melbs, I avoid Spotlight like the plague. The store is always overcrowded, there is no customer service, the service assistants don't know about craft, you queue for hours... In Darwin I have little other choice, particularly when purchasing wool or similar. (There is a good patchwork shop here called Dragonfly Fabrics. I've found them to be helpful and they have an interesting range on Japanese fabrics.) This Tuesday lunch break I struck gold! Firstly I found some kitch but fabulous measuring cups for baking! Four creamy melamine love hearts nestled one inside the other, just waiting to scoop out a mound of brown sugar... I'd seen something similar when shopping in Douglas and Hope ( the Royal Arcade. One set for me, and one for a gift. The other exciting purchases were three balls of 8 ply cotton. A rich red, avocado green and the palest hint of grey... All waiting to be knitted into face/dish clothes. Sure enough this is for a swap, but I've made these previously and love them. They have fantastic texture, perfect for lathering with suds! They are more durable that those I recently bought, made in China. So far I've almost finished the third washer, a green one. They are really achievable and can be finished in under two hours, perfect for watching a few episodes of Life on Mars (BBC version of course).

Wednesday I picked up some mail, and was so excited to find inside two wonderful crafty books. The rest of the week I have been pouring over the books while sipping chai and knitting furiously. I've sat at work restless that I can't be at home knitting, stuffing, dreaming and creating!
Today though has been painting. Beautiful, iridescent bubbles of colour on the church walls. The playgroup children will now have a bit of vibrancy in their play area. I feel inspired to choose colours and decorate. Now all I need is my own house...

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