Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jesse's jumper...

The largest knitting project I have ever attempted is now complete! A jumper perfectly too large to a little nephew of mine. Just in time (well a little early really) for his birthday. Each year as he gets older, I knit him a larger jumper. One day I will be making a jumper from grown ups at this rate... The wool is trusty Bendigo Woollen Mills. I love that you are delivered big balls of wool, in 200 g lots. Two balls was more than enough for this 3 year old's jumper, and I have a little left over for some granny squares. The colour is more blue than the photos represent, with flecks of tan, cream and coffee throughout. The pattern is from a book that I bought a number of years ago - patern's probably... I've found it to be a good basics book for baby things, and this jumper is the fourth pattern I've used from it.

This project tested my persistence. I was able to work at and complete a project that took a number of weeks rather than a few days. Usually I will give up, become bored with the knitting and move on to something quick and more instantly satisfying. So I am really stoked about this. The project also solidified skills in cables. Nothing too fancy, just a plait style pattern which is effective and adds detail to a very plain jumper.

On to the next knitting thing now... More Christmas gifties to come.

What have you been making lately?


  1. I started almost about 3 months ago a knitted patch blanket have so far knitted about 50 squares out of so many hundred. I only work on it when I get motivated, which right now I am not! I’m making the blanky for my hubby hopefully to have it finished by next winter!

    Love Ms Stef...

  2. Clever cookies Ms Stef! Well done with your blanky. It is hard to keep motivated. I simply couldn't do a big project like that.