Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sitting, watching, waiting, wishing...

Cool Cardi - on my wishlist to knit. Thanks Pickles!

Also on my wishlist - leg warmers. They look perfect for bike riding. Pickles again.

Back into blogging and still enjoying trawling the net for lovely things. There is so much goodness, creating, though and overall beautiful things to be found. One link with take you to a whole new place, with discoveries to be had. I find myself truely engrossed, reading post after post after post written by clever creative types. Hurrah for you who are the creative ones, you smart things you!

What to be found:
A stellar Norweigan duo, who knit, supply patterns and also sell wool. Check them out at Pickles.
More Scandi goodness, this time a fabric printing lady from Sweden who has just been to her summer house with the family - Fine Little Day. The images make me swoon, and long for extended summer breaks, for light that lingers into impossible hours, for a place to get away to...
The Textured Leaf has some wonderful reading, and I found a fellow Melbourne woman who creates, and has lots of kids, but somehow seems to always be making something! I'm mega impressed Ms 1/4".
And then there is cooking goodness - ever faithfully delicious Joy, methodical and meticulous the Closet "cooker" (I'm not sure Kevin would approve of being called that though...).

What lovely things have you discovered lately?

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