Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Down at the local... library

Lovely image from Whipup.net - with instructions for making this libary bag too!

Do you ever frequent your local? Yep, your local. It's full of colourful characters, of stories being told. How I love the library.

We try to go every fortnight, often after work and before a coffee. We search the shelves for hidden treasure, things we never considered reading. And we return to old favourites, much loved and borrowed often. Plus the local has a dvd collection, magazines to rival MagNation, wireless net, and all the facilities you need to create a zine! And if you make a zine using library resources, the library will add it to their collection.

The most recent library adventure resulting in a wide variety of books. A crafting book - Weekend Sewing - which has a shirt dress I'm keen to try as well as some trusty looking day bags that would make great gifts. A book about the history of sushi in the USA, some Alexander McCall Smith for general loveliness, a story set in Tehran prior to its radical change in the 70s (not sure of dates, have to read it to know when the country became closed). Also a simply amazing book which is inspiring me to bake, aptly called Baked.

What have you be reading lately?

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