Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giving of gifts...

Jo and Matt's Cushion # 2.
Pattern: Jo Sharp
Wool: Bendigo Woollen Mills, Rustic Graphite
Needles: 4 mm

Are you a gift maker? Are you a gift giver? Some people are, others just don't think of it. Some give gifts just because... they saw something that was just you, they couldn't resist, they just wanted to show their love. These people are treasures, aren't they? One of my sisters is like this. Tell her what you like and she will look out for it everywhere. Very generous. One of my good friends is also like this. Whenever I've seen her recently she has had something for me. Be it wool for knitting, some glass apple bowls, a pair of purple leopard print socks. Loveliness!
Gifties often brightens the receivers day. And it should give the giver a warm glow too. And if you are a gift maker, well the joy can be ongoing. Starts with the glint of an idea, something to make just for the right person... before being made, wrapped and given with glee. Making, making to give. Trying to do this at the moment. So the above cushion has been made with plans to give to a sister getting married. It was very quick to knit up, with a simple but effective cable adding texture.
On the needles at the moment is a jumper for my nephew. Needs to be done for his birthday which falls around Christmas. And then there are some Chrissie gifts also...
Better get crafting!


  1. Love the cushion, beautiful pattern and colour. I love making gifts and of course receiving them. My sister is the same, spots the perfect thing for me and buys it as an impromptu gift and for my son too. I think I have found the perfect thing for her birthday too.


  2. Thanks Christina. Aren't sisters lovely? I've enjoyed flicking though your blog, and find your palate very beautiful. Will be reading more.