Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mixing it up...

Today I subscribed to Mixed Tape. Hurrah! I'd certainly heard about this zine a lot on line, as was a fan. It is created with love and care by a group of Melbs women, in the lounge room, with lots of elbow grease. I purchased a copy late 2008 from one of my fav bookstores - Brunswick Bound - (so excited, just figured out how to work the hyperlink thingie!) when wandering up and down Sydney Road. It has a cute, pink and yellow sewing machine on the front, so delicious! When will my first copy arrive in the mail? Questions, questions... I'll just have to be patient. Particularly as I'm yet to find a place that sells it in Darwin.
Mixed Tape is full of crafty, creative and eco-friendly tips. It caters for mums, bubs, students, creative types, earth-loving people... Who ever really. I love that it is a little cottage industry that now has readers all over the place! Not just in Aus. So now I can proudly say, "I read Mixed Tape".

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