Friday, January 21, 2011

Street arting it up...

This blog has been in hiatus while the world takes second. Lace to the demands being placed on me with work. A lot of my clients are not so well at the moment, and I have been sitting with a lot of their worries. We are also orientating new staff, which means increased work load in the short term. but this happens, doesn't it? And not just to me, but to most out there in the wild world. So this week is time out, a chance to do some "soul searching" as one of my clients put it this week.

Thus today finds me in our Nation's capitol, seated by a fountain outside of the National Gallery of Australia. The sun has been momentarily covered by cloud, a breeze is passing through and I'm under the illusion that the temperature has dropped. The coffee here is decent, sculptures are dotted around the gardens. Families and couples are seated around me catching up on life, discussing the woes of the real estate market, browsing through their purchases.

I've just finished in the Gallery. The space is cool and light. Guards sit in comfortable chairs, seemingly unimpressed by the beauty that surrounds them. What an amazing space, what precious works of art.

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