Sunday, January 9, 2011

Late night post to the rescue... Are you up past your bed time? Longing for a little nap, for some rest and revitalisation? I am. Tired old me. Lots has been happening, too much indeed. So much that all I can do is sit and pat the cat. There is something about pets... They are calming, great companions, and for my the cat helps me to be quiet and still. Spending five minutes stroking his smooth fur with slow me right down and give me great pleasure. And then when he starts to purr, his bliss is my bliss. Yes, I have power with the cat! I can make his day simply by spending a short period of quality time with him, by rubbing his chin, by itching his hind quarters. Ahhh.

Anyway, this post started as a lament for my bed. And I've not gotten there, nor have I stayed on the topic of such. Rather gone on to rave about the benefits of pets. Strange! I must be tired.

How about a pick me up? Cup of Melbourne Breakfast tea perhaps? From the warm depths of a post covered by an outlandish cosie, sure to be piping hot hours (!) after brewing?

This cosie was the end of the Christmas gifties that I needed to make. Well almost, the second last. It gave me so much pleasure to make this cosie, as it was specifically requested. Someone actually wanted one of my creations! And it wasn't just my husband being very thankful for socks. This was made with intention, anticipate of the joy it would bring, and also love. Pattern came from the quirky book Really Wild Tea Cosies, wool is the opal sock yarn. My particular ball was pull apart by a cat - not mine - who took much delight in the novelty of playing will an object so unfamiliar to it.

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  1. Love love the tea pot cossie, it is so cute and great choice of colour!

    Love Ms Stef