Thursday, January 8, 2009

To blog or not to blog...

I've been umming and ahhring about beginning a blog for the past few months. There are some perceived benefits and a number of drawbacks. For example, am I surcoming to the neo-individualist path that society has gone down in shouting out about the inane ramblings of my life which really are not very interesting? Do I have the dedication and stamina to routinely blog? Who really cares about what I write anyway? Is a blog fulfilling the void that facebook has opened up where I need to feel connected to the world by some technological means? After this musing, I think I should give up now.

But, through the eyes of the bashful owl I will be able to horrah my crafty pursuits. Oh, the conundrum!

So blog I will endeavour to do. My mission - to routinely post crafty images and contemplative reflections. They may be frivorlous, they may be mundane. So read on or not, it's okay...

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