Thursday, January 8, 2009

The gliding bird...

An image to kick it all off. I drew this bird as part of a Swap-bot postcard exchange. Swap-bot is a website I'm moderately addicted to. The idea is simple. Someone creates a swap theme and comes up with some rules. All Swap-bot members can usually join, and when the send date comes along items go into the post. A few weeks later mail arrives!

This swap was for a hand drawn image of a bird to be made into a postcard. I used a section of this image in my postcard and then sent it off to sunny California. The card's recipient Swan is also Christian, so I was encouraged to include a verse from the Bible. It talked about God caring for bird, so if he does that he must care about humans even more.

I love the look of the wings in motion in this image. The bird is gracefully coming to rest on a somewhat flimsy perch. Ah, to fly and be purple!

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