Friday, July 2, 2010

Knit one, knit another...

One pair of socks are completed!

One of my goals is to improve my knitting skills. And this will take a life-time to reach the master knitter level. So why not start now? I've been setting myself some knitting challenges. Circular needles... children's garments... socks. Socks are staples in the knitting world really. But prior to now, I'd not made them. I'd enjoyed the benefits of knitted socks, care of relatives with superior knitting experience. They are more warm, more durable than purchased socks. They work perfectly under boots, or when you are having a country weekend away and need to rug up. Surely I could make some...

I found knitting on double-pointed needles a challenge. And with an injured finger from sport, all the more challenging. But it certainly was an achievable task. Not quick, but not too hard. Fiddly really. With all these needles pointing in all sorts of directions. The fella wanted a plain pattern though (that is, no pattern) which significantly reduced the amount of fussing that needed to occur. Thus although time consuming to knit, there were not too bad.

Have you ever knitted socks? What sort?

Pete's Socks
Pattern: Ravelry
Wool: Opal "Ron" 4 ply wool cotton blend
Needles: 3.25 mm double pointed set of 4, steel

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