Monday, June 7, 2010

Winter wondering...

Winter has hit Melbourne, do you agree?

The mornings are dark and foreboding. The sun dares to peak out when it is feeling brave, but overall hides behind the low clouds. The temperature is only just over 10* C, meaning one needs to rug up, to find gloves hidden in the depths of the cupboard, snuggle into slippers and ugg boots, long for a warm hand-knitted scarf. People are wearing black more black than is expected for Melbourne, and often look more than a little cross in the morning. I'm one of those cross-lookers, I must admit. It is hard to get out into the cold, to be bold enough to open the front door and experience the weather before the day has gotten going.

How will I get though? I am asking myself this more often than I should. It is only early June, just the second week of winter. I calculate that it won't be consistently warm, bone-nourishingly warm until November even December. And then only for a few days... Oh, for some weather that is laced with the sun, which encourages you to throw open the doors and windows, which necessitates sandals and sunhats. Oh, I can dream...

Winter, putting up with the cold has to have some benefits though. Like jumping into a bed warmed by a hottie (be that a loved one, a cat or even a hot water bottle). Purchasing new tights which you know will hug your legs all day long. Drinking whole pots of brewed tea, wrapping your fingers around mugs of the stuff with glee. Making vats of winter stews, full of root vegetables and meat that longs to be cooked low and slow. Walking amongst the last of the fallen leaves, and seeing the sun emerge from between the branches of bear trees. Knitting up things that keep you warm, like socks, and scarves, and hats, and rugs... Snuggling under patchwork quilts that were made with love and intended for cold nights such as these.

What do you love about winter?

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