Monday, December 7, 2009

Where I lay my hat... My place and yours...

Wow, what a perfect MEME theme this week (thanks MMAM and Myrlte & Eunice)! Perfect as I'm about to pack up all my belongings and transport from one side of Aus to the other! Perfect as I will be living out of a suitcase for a month. Perfect as moving is an ideal time to re-think what treasures belong with you. Perfect as this upheaval is putting life in general in perspective. What do I want from a new place to live? What is important for a work-life balance? What is important for my relationships? What gives me peace? What looks after my mental health? What helps me love and serve others?

Is it stuff? Is it belonging? Is it spirituality? Is it security?

I'm not sure of answers, and thinking about things is making me listless. But I do know some things that are essential. Where I lay my hat has to do with the following things:

1. Where the fella is.

2. Where the Crick-star is.

3. Where I feel loved and can give lots of love.

What is important for keeping your hat hanging - with bells and ribbons on?

This is Mr Cricket, my little cat. He is not so little any more. But he still likes to hide in safe places.


  1. Awwwww so very, very gorgeous. I'm with you, know exactly what you mean, your post is excellent. My Blossie is it for me too ... safe travelling, enjoy ;)

  2. oh what a lovely post and i do think mr cricket is super cute..couldn't bear to live without my two kitty kats :))

  3. Tee hee... I'm assuming Crick-star and the fella will be inhabiting separate suitcases? All the best with that moving malarkey!

  4. That is one sweet feline! Good luck with your upcoming move!

  5. oh he is too sweet. We are making things ready for his little holiday here :)

  6. happy moving! mr crickets resting places doesnt look that comfortable but somehow he makes it seem so : )